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Blocks are the core organization within HotDoodle pages and contain the content of each website. There are several types of blocks, but the most commonly used is the General Block. The General Block allows you to create and edit text, images, and links. The General Block contains a simple text editor that allows you to insert or edit text. The editor contains many of the same functions you would find within a word processing program including font, color, etc. It’s important to click on the "Save" button after adding or editing content.

Create and customize the layout of each page by adding blocks and moving blocks. Blocks allow you to separate, organize, and arrange your content. Another important feature of HotDoodle is the ability to copy and paste blocks. This capability allows you to quickly reproduce or mirror content across multiple pages of the website.

Block Types

In addition to the General Block, there are several other block types that add specific types of content within the page. Some of these are relatively simple, such as the Picture Block. Others are more complex, such as the Product Catalog Block. HotDoodle contains the following block types:

Universal Settings

Each of these block types is reviewed at greater length within this User Guide. Block types are addressed within the context of their related task. In addition to type, blocks also have universal settings accessible through tabs at the top of each block when editing.


  • Title – The title of a block appears above the block itself. The text style of the title is defined within the CSS and coordinates with the theme.
  • Basic Tab – The Basic tab contains all the basic settings to configure the content within that block, or possibly just the basic text editor depending on the block.
  • Advanced Tab – The Advanced tab contains more advanced settings to configure the content within that block.
  • View Tab – The View tab offers options to determine the way the content of the block is displayed on the page. Views display the same data in different ways. Settings differ by the type of block. For example, Calendar Blocks can be displayed by days, weeks, or months.
  • Style Tab – The Style tab offers options to style the block. These options include borders, background color, and block size.
  • Permissions Tab – The Permissions tab offers options to assign special permissions to each block. For example, a special permission might be to only show a block if a user is logged in.
  • Mirrors Tab - The Mirrors tab lists all the places on your website that the block appears as a mirror, or if the block is the only instance.

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