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HotDoddle allows blocks to be moved from one page to another, or from one section of the page to another via the copy block and paste block function. For instance, to move a block out of one section into another. The Move Block operation doesn't allow moveing blocks to different sections. To move a block from one section to another, or from one page to another, use the Copy Block operation, the Paste Block operation, and then the Delete Block operation to remove the original block.

To have a copy of a block display in more than one place on the website, HotDoodle can allows mirroring the content of copied block to multiple places on the website. See: Mirrors

Steps: How to Copy a Block

1. On the HotDoodle Toolbar, click on the "Block" tab.

2. Click on the "Copy Block" button.

3. Click on the "Copy this Block” icon on the block to copy.

4. Choose the page or place to move the copied block to and click on the corresponding "Paste Here" button.

5. Click the radio button next to "Independent" if the content will be a brand new instance or click on the radio button next to "Mirrored" if the content will be a mirrored instance that will automatically update when any mirror of that block is updated.

6. Click on the “Save" button

Mirrored Blocks in HotDoodle

HotDoodle has a unique way to display a block on more than one page of the website while saving the time of creating the block and content multiple times and editing each instance of the block when a change is necessary. HotDoodle allows mirroring of blocks on a website. When editing a mirrored block, changes made to one instance of the block are automatically made to all the mirrored instances of that block else where on the website.

Titles of mirrored blocks are independent, which means that mirrored blocks may be given different titles. When mirrored, the title is mirrored too, but is independent when edited, therefore, changing a title in one mirrored block only changes the title in that instance of the mirrored block.

Block views are also independent in mirrored blocks. When mirrored, the block view remains that same as the original mirror, but the view may be changed in one instance of the mirrored block without changing any other mirrored blocks. This feature allows for complex block mirroring.

Uses of Mirrored Blocks

A common use of a mirrored block is to place a block of company contact information on multiple pages of the website. A more complex use of a mirrored block is to mirror content from one place to the next and use different views on each block. For instance, one mirror of a Calendar Block can be a mini calendar view on one page, and the other mirrored Calendar Block can be an expanded calendar view on another page. The two calendars have different views; therefore they look different, but they contain all the same events and will update when either instance has a new event added. Another example of complex mirroring is to mirror a Product Catalog Block on one page in the default view with all the items listed and mirror another on its own page using the cart view, just to display the items in the cart. These mirrored blocks will have all the same configuration settings without having to set them twice. Mirroring the Product Catalog block as explained allows a website to have a separate cart page and have a link to that cart page in the header or sidebar of the website like common convention. 

Check if Blocks are Mirrored

Anytime edits are made to a mirrored block, all the mirrored instances are updated with the changes. When copying and pasting blocks often, it is not always apparent later which blocks are mirrored.

Two blocks that contain the same content are not always mirrors of each other. A block could have been copied independent, but if none of the content was edited, then two independent blocks can have the exact same content. To find out if a block is independent or mirrored somewhere else on the website, check the Mirrors tab when editing a block.

Steps: How to Check if a Block is Mirrored or Independent

1. Click on the  button above the block to check for mirrors.

2. Click on the "Mirrors" tab.

If the block is mirrored, the next screen will list the places the mirrored blocks appear.

If the block is independent, the next screen states: "This is the only place the block appears" on the website.

3. Click on the "Save" button.

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