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Size and Align Pictures

You can specify the display size images in your HotDoodle Website.

Picture Size in General Block

Picture Size in Picture Block

Picture Size in Picture Albums Block

An effective size for a web image is no larger than 700px (px=pixels) wide by 600px high. The largest images HotDoodle will store is 800px wide by 800px tall. (Any image uploaded larger than 800px, will be resized proportionatly smaller as close to 800px as possible before being stored.) 

It is important to understand the difference between image sizes for the web and print. Picture resolution (or detail) is measured by dots (or pixels) per inch. The more dots per inch (dpi), the higher the resolution. This makes the picture look clearer and allows it to be physical larger in print. However, it also makes the file size larger.

Print Image Resolution

Print images are typically larger, generally requiring at least 150 dots per inch and ideally 300 dots per inch. Glossy magazines are printed at 225-300dpi while newspapers are printed at 150-200dpi. For this reason, when planing to use an image both in print and on the web, prepare the image for print first and then resize it down for web use.

Web Image Resolution

Images on the web are typically displayed at 72dpi ("dots per inch"). Any higher resolution means the page will load slower and the extra pixels of resolution will effectively be lost as they cannot be displayed on a monitor that is restricted to 72ppi. For images on the web, either set a camera on the lowest resolution or resize images in a computer program.

Web browsers and servers often refuse to upload images greater than a certain size (16M is common), so uploading a few 4 megapixel pictures can cause the upload form to fail. These upload failures may go undetected at first, and leave blank boxes on the page when viewed. If the images do load, they may be larger than the screen.

As a general rule, resize and optimize images before uploading them to the website. Many image editing programs have built in save settings or profiles for optimizing images and resaving them.

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