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You can give your customers immediate access to your products and services by adding eCommerce functionality to your website. HotDoodle offers a  Paypal Block for the sale/purchase of a single product, and a Product Catalog Block for the sale/purchase of multiple products, allowing customers to browse and purchase products directly from your HotDoodle website. If you’re running a restaurant, HotDoodle also includes an OpenTable Block so you can take reservations right from the Internet.

Before you can add eCommerce to your website and start selling products and services online, you must sign up for a payment account. See: Link a Payment System

PayPal Paypal is a company that provides merchant services including payment processing. Payments are deducted from the customer’s account and deposited into the seller's PayPal account. Paypal collects a fee for service on each transaction. PayPal offers multiple ways to withdraw money from your PayPal account. See for full details.

 Payment Block - The Payment Block in HotDoodle is used when your website has only one product for sale/purchase or accepts donations.  It can accept scripts generated by others, or on the dynamic price plan it can generate PayPal payment buttons..

Product Catalog A product catalog is a specialized block that contains a list of products for sale/purchase on your website. Product catalogs usually include the product title, product description, product price, and a photo of the product. They are linked to a payment processing service so that customers can complete the purchase online. You can add a product catalog to your site using the Product Catalog Block. The Product Catalog Block is available on both the Basic and Dynamic hosting plans at HotDoodle, however, only in the Dynamic plan will your website allow users to assemble orders and proceed to PayPal for payment. In the Basic hosting plan, the Product Catalog Block will simply show a list of the products, but not allow purchase.

OpenTable OpenTable is a third-party service that provides online reservations for restaurants. OpenTable’s functionality can be integrated into a restaurant’s web page. OpenTable processes the reservation and sends details to the restaurant. In order to use this feature, you must participate in the system. This requires that your restaurant run certain software. You can add OpenTable functionality to your site using the OpenTable block.

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