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Q: How come I can't edit the header of my website?

You are able to edit all portions of your website, however, to reduce clutter on the page, access to editing Headers, Sidebars, and Footers is mildly restricted. You have to unlock the editing of those portions of the website.

Click here to see how

Q: How do I remove the password on my website?

If your website was transfered to you with a password to view the site, you will have to delete the password and the website will be viewable by the public. You will need to get to the Site Identification Screen of your website and remove the password at the bottom of that screen.

here are directions for how to get to the Site Identification Screen to remove a site password.

Q: How can I single space my text?

In HotDoodle, pressing the Enter button creates what is called a hard break and forces the text to a brand new line alike to double spacing. To create single spacing, use what is called a soft break and hold down the CTRL button when you press Enter. A soft break forces the text to a new line, but looks alike to single spacing. Sometimes you may create a soft break, but the text still got forced to double spacing, in this case, you will be able to press the Back Space button and the text will move up under the previous line.

Tip: If you use soft breaks to change the spacing for exiting text, other lines of text below may automatically appear to have double spacing again. Start from the top of the text and work your way down when adjusting the spacing.


Q: Are HotDoodle Sites Mobile Friendly and Responsive?

New HotDoodle sites are automatically mobile friendly and responsive.

Q: How do I make an classic HotDoodle site mobile friendly

The site has to be converted. Please read the support page on transferring to mobile friendly and responsive.

Q: Is Google Gonna Get Me?

There are scammers raising fear, uncertainty, and doubt and trying to raise a sense of urgency to use their services to become more mobile friendly.  The reality is not that bad:

  • Google is lowering the search ranking only when the search is from a mobile device
  • Many sites have few mobile users so far.  
    (The support page on mobile friendly responsive sites shows you how to see your mobile usage)

Q: How do I add a Google Map?

Click here to learn how

Q: How do I update my address on the Google map on my site?

Click here to learn how

Q: How do I change the size of a Google map on my website?

Click here to learn how


Q: Can I use HotDoodle to send email broadcasts to my customers?

Yes, the HotDoodle Bulletin Boards block has a special setting that allows your to passively send out email broadcasts to any of your registered users.

Learn more about Newsletters and email broadcasts by clicking here


Q: How can I see how many people visit my website?

All HotDoodle website are built with traffic logs.

You can learn about accessing these logs here.


Q: Can HotDoodle websites have discussion forums?

Yes, in HotDoodle, we call discussion forums Bulletin Boards. Only registered users that subscribe to the Bulletin Board are able to participate in a discussion forum on a HotDoodle website. To gain registered users on your website, you will have to add the Login/Registration block or manually enter all the users from a separate user/member list you may already have

In order to use the functionality of the Bulletin Boards block for discussion forums, your website must be on the Dynamic monthly hosting plan.

To learn more about the HotDoodle Bulletin Boards block, click here.


Q: How do I create a link to a pdf?

If you want to create a link to a pdf that will be visible in the browser, click here to learn how.

If you want to add a pdf or multiple documents to your website for a visitor to download, click here to learn how.


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