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Test the Product Catalog

Before the Product Catalog on the website can be tested, a Product Catalog Block and products must be added. See: Add a Product Catalog

Steps: How to Test the Product Catalog

1. Click on the "Logout" link to Log off the website.

2. View the product catalog on the website and click on the "Add to Cart" button.

3. Click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button on the Order Summary.

4. Type in the Shipping Information.

5. Click on the "Send Order" button.

6. Click on the PayPal button.

7. Check that the PayPal screen displays the email address associated with the PayPal account that is linked to the HotDoodle website.

There is no need to complete the transaction in PayPal. Getting to the Order Summary PayPal page is confirmation that PayPal is linked correctly and the product catalog is functioning correctly.

8. Check the email account that is set to receive Orders from the HotDoodle website to check that the test order summary email was received.

Troubleshooting Product Catalog Testing Problems

HotDoodle provides warnings to help ensure that complex blocks like the Product Catalog Block is configured and functioning as intended. Common warning and problems when testing the product catalog.



Result: Warning Received when "Proceed to Checkout" is clicked.

"WARNING: Users cannot place orders because in the product catalog block's configuration you have not specified a group which will receive the emails with the completed orders. We don't show the button to send orders if the order has nowhere to go."

Problem: PayPal is not linked to the HotDoodle website.

Solution: Link PayPal to the HotDoodle website with the PayPal Identity Token. See: PayPal Identity Token



Result: Warning Received when "Send Order" is clicked

"Warning: Phone must be supplied
You must click the checkbox titled:"

Problem: HotDoodle requires the Phone field and optionally the acknowledgement checkbox to be check marked before it will complete an order.

Solution: Type in all the required fields and check all acnowledgements before clicking "Send Order".



Result: Order Summary Email is not sent

Problem: Either the email address is not a member of the group that gets orders emailed, or the user settings have discarded or redirected emails to that address.

Solution: Check the user account to ensure that the user is a member of the group that gets orders emailed. Click on the "Advanced Fields" button for the user to check the email setting for "Group Communications". See: Add Users to Groups and See: Communication Options

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