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HotDoodle integrates with Google Adsense to display Google banners on your website. Google banners are added with the HotDoodle Banners and Ads Block in the Google view. Google allows three banners per web page. To display Google banners, first create a Google Adsense account. Visit or click here to sign up.

Click here to see common Google Adsense banner sizes

Steps: How to Create and Add a Google Banner

1. Login to your Google Adsense Account at

2. Click on the "My Ads" tab.

3. Click on the "New ad unit" button to create a banner ad.

4. Enter the information and make selections to create the new ad.

5. Click on the "Save and get code" button to view the code for the new banner.

6. Copy the four codes in red to add to your HotDoodle Banners and Ads Block.

7. Click the "Close" button.

Add a Google Banner to Your Website

Once you have created the Google banner in your adsense account and copied the code, the next step is to paste the code into the Banners & Ad Block.

Steps: Add a Google Banner to Your Website

1. On the HotDoodle Toolbar, click on the "Block" tab.

2. Click on the "Add Block" button.

3. On the webpage, click on the "Add Here" button where you would like to add the banner.

4. Click on the "Banners & Ads" block under More Blocks.

5. Click on the "Google" block view.

6. Click on the "Insert this block" button.

It may look as though nothing was added, but the Banners and Ads Block appears empty because no banner code has been added to it yet.

7. Click to add a checkmark to the checkbox next to "Configure Blocks"

8. Click the "Configure Banners & Ads Block" link to add the banner code.

9. Paste the four codes from the Google Adsense ad you created on the corresponding lines.

  • Ad Width - Width in pixels
  • Ad Height - Height in pixels
  • Ad Client - Format example: pub-xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Ad Slot - Slot number

10. Click the "Save" button.

Google Adsense Banner Sizes


  • 300px x 250px Medium Rectangle
  • 336px x 280px Large Rectangle
  • 728px x 90px Leaderboard
  • 160px x 600px Wide Skyscraper

Other - Horizontal

  • 468px x 60px Banner
  • 234px x 60px Half Banner

Other - Vertical

  • 120px x 600px Skyscraper
  • 120px x 240px Vertical Banner

Other - Square

  • 250px x 250px Square
  • 200px x 200px Small Square
  • 180px x 150px Small Rectangle
  • 125px x 125px Button

Link Units

  • 728px x 15px
  • 468px x 15px
  • 200px x 90px
  • 180px x 90px
  • 160px x 90px
  • 120px x 90px

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