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Configure PayPal

Some blocks can use PayPal to complete purchases. Before the purchasing capabilities can be used PayPal must be set up to work with HotDoodle. You must:

  1. Get a PayPal Business Account. Described on this page.
  2. Get and apply a special "identity token" from the PayPal account. Described on this page.


Getting and Applying the Identity Token

Once you have a PayPal account, you must

  1. Get the PayPal Identity Token
  2. Apply the token to the HotDoodle site
About the Identity Token

The PayPal Identity Token is use to allow your HotDoodle site to generate PayPal payment forms for your account. The site must be on a Dynamic Hosting plan. Without this token being present in your HotDoodle site PayPal will reject all activities from your site.

You do not need the Identify Token if you are using scripts generated by PayPal – the scripts already have the token embedded into them.

The token is NOT your PayPal password. HotDoodle and your site do not need your PayPal password.

Getting into PayPal Selling Tools
1 Profile

Log into

Click on the gear icon

Click Profile and Settings

2 My Selling Tools

Click on My Selling Tools

3  Website Preferences

Click "Update" next to Website Preferences

1. Getting the Identity Token

To get the identity token, first get into PayPal's selling tools.
Then click on the "Update" link to the right of  Website preferences.



The "Website Payment Preferences" screen opens.

6. Select the following settings:

  • a. Auto Return is “on”
  • b. The URL is set to the domain of the HotDoodle website.
  • c. Payment Data Transfer is “on”
  • d. Block non-encrypted website payment is “off”
  • e. Paypal Account Optional is “on”

7. Click "Save the from" at the bottom

Important! Save this form before proceeding to the next step.
If you do not, a required field will not be shown.


8. Reopen the form by clicking on the "Update" link to the right of  Website preferences.


9. Scroll down to "Payment Data Transfer" and this time there will be an Identity Token listed below.
This is the string of numbers and letters needed in the Hotdoodle PayPal Configuration Screen.

10. Select and copy the PayPal “Identity Token” for use in HotDoodle. 

11. Follow the steps below to add the PayPal Identity Token to HotDoodle.





2. Apply the token to the HotDoodle site

The PayPal Identity Token is for use on a Dynamic Hosting plan

This token lets your site identify to PayPal that it is sending payments for your account.

This is not needed if you are using only button scripts generated by PayPal.   These scripts will not, however, cause their purchases to be tracked in the HotDoodle website.

Steps: How to Add the PayPal Identity Token at the site level in HotDoodle

1. Login to and follow the directions to locate the PayPal Identity Token. See: PayPal Identity Token

2. Copy the PayPal Identity Token

3. From the HotDoodle Toolbar click on the "Administration" tab.

4. Click on the "Configure Site" button.

5. Click on "Paypal Details" button.

6. Type in the email address of the Paypal account in the [PayPal Email] field.

7. Paste in the PayPal Identity Token in the [Identity Token] field.

8. Click on the "Save" button.

9. Add the PayPal Block to place PayPal buttons next to the products on the website. See: Adding a PayPal Block

Next Steps

Once your PayPal account is created, you either

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