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Calculated Shipping

Shipping can be calculated factoring in the drop off and destination address and the various carriers and their different levels of service. 

Configuring for Calculated by Shipping Vendors

For shipping calculated by shipping venders, configure the product catalog block used for checkout  and select "Calculated by Shipping Vendors" as the Shipment Charge Calculation. This charge will appear as "Shipping" in the cart's subtotals.

The "Handling charge per order" is ignored.

The checkout flow in the Advanced tab must be set to guided multi-step.

Once you have saved a product catalog with this setting, re-enter its configuration screen and there will be a Shipping Configurations link at the top.

Free Shipping as a Promotion

Free shipping is also an option in promotions. However, it is currently ignored by the calculated shipping lookup.

Setting the Shipping Configurations


About Package Sizes

Packaging is driven by total volume along the assumption of efficient use of space by the shipper.

When our packaging engine determines if the items in the cart/shipment can fit into one of these boxes,

  • If it is dealing with a single item only, it simply checks the item dimensions against the vendor-provided dimensions of each box.
  • When dealing with multiple items or quantities, our packaging engine uses an overall volume figure rather than specific dimensions and includes a "loss factor"  that is factored in to take into account pack materials and packing inefficiencies. Both the largest and smallest of all the item dimensions in the cart/shipment are checked, and the total item volume is compared against our derived box volume. We will always create a box with dimensions that are at least as large as the largest item dimensions.
    In some cases the items will not fit as calculated, but our experience is that there is rarely a price impact.

When using USPS Standard rates also include Priority

Sometimes standard will not rate to a particular destination because as of 1-26-14 USPS no longer will rate Standard for deliveries to zone 1-4, as Standard rates have been set to exactly match Priority for those zones. (Standard will rate in this call to a more distant destination.) So your shipping configurtion should always include Priority as well to account for this.

Summarizing of rates failed

This shipping message means that none of the offerings in the current shipping configuration returned a rate.

Oversize Codes

Carriers have unique oversize codes.  Possible value include (but are not limited to):

  • NONE
  • DimWt (Package qualified by carrier to use dimensional weight for ship rate)
  • Large Pkg

For some carriers, discounted "Shipment" pricing may be calculated in some circumstances in which multiple boxes are considered as a single box for the rate calculation. In these cases, this field will contain the designation "combined" (indicating the rate for the single "package the carrier has constructed for rating), or "subset" (indicating the other actual packages that the carrier does not individually rate).

Flat Rate Packages

Some carriers offer flat rate packages, and these can be exceptional deals.

For USPS & FEDEX services which support flat rate packaging, identifies if one or more packages in the shipment has qualified for a flat rate.  

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