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Every domain registered has publicly listed contacts for administration, billing, and technical. In the web world this is known as "whois" information, as in "who is in charge of this domain?"

Internet standards require that domains have this information, and they require that HotDoodle send occasional emails reminding that owners have the right to correct the listing. The language in these messages is confusing, but the word choice is mandated by internet standards.

Example message:
WHOIS Data Confirmation for

ICANN, the organization responsible for the stability of the Internet,
requires that each domain name registrant be given the opportunity to
correct any inaccurate contact data.

IF the information is accurate:

No action is required
HotDoodle is required to send these emails,
but you are not required to do anything.

If the information is NOT accurate:

You could lose control of the domain
The domain could be suspended

We recommend you change the information to be accurate, particularly the email address.

Warning: Invalid Email Address will Suspend the Domain

Internet standards require that the "whois" email information be accurate and verified.

Once the domain is registered there are occasional registration related emails such as confirmation of "whois" information or notification of domain expiration. If any of these registration related emails bounce there will be another verification that must receive an affirmative response. Read about domain contact validation.

Changing the WHOIS information

See the Administer Domain page to change whois information on a domain purchased through HotDoodle

WHOIS and Domain Privacy

The domain still has publically listed contact information even if you have privacy enabled for your domain. What differs is that the public information has addresses and emails from"Contact Privacy" instead of your real information. Emails sent to these get forwarded to the registered email address.

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