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Renewing Options

When a new domain is registered and purchased there is an "Auto-Renew" checkbox option. If Auto-Renew was checked during registration, that domain will be automatically renewed each year for one additional year at a time. The renewal occurs 30 days prior to domain expiration and the HotDoodle account will be debited. If Auto-Renew was not checked when registering, write to to get the domain renewed each year.

Renewals cost $15 per domain per year.

Find Domain Status

Steps: Getting to the Config Domains Screen From the My Stuff Page

1. Log in at

2. Click on the "My Stuff" page on the navigation bar.

3. Click on the "Get Domain" link to the right of the website name.

The domains are listed with status messages. Here are a few examples of status messages:

  • Automatically renewing on 02/13/11
  • Expiring on 09/03/10, write to to get it renewed
  • Will not be renewed when it expires on 05/09/10

The difference between "Expiring on" and "Will not be renewed" is that HotDoodle has been instructed by the domain owner that they do not want the domain to be renewed.

Reminder Emails

There are two sources of reminder emails:

  • Emails from OpenSRS, the whole-seller from which HotDoodle acquired the domain when it was originally registered. These emails tend to be poorly formatted and can be confusing.
  • Emails from HotDoodle. These emails have the full context of the website and domain and are more clearly worded.

Emails are sent around 90, 60, and 30 days prior to domain expiration. These emails will specify if the domain is expiring and that action is necessary, or that you domain will be renewed and that the account will be charged unless action is taken to cancel the renewal.

Renewing or Cancelling an Expected Automatic Renewal

To change the domain's renewal status, write to telling HotDoodle the domain and the change requested.

Important: All requests for changes need to be made before the renewal or expiration. Once the domain has been renewed the charges have been incurred and cannot be reversed.

Administering the Domain

To take full control of the domain, see Administer Domain for options that can be set on the screens at OpenSRS, the wholeseller of the domain.

Technical Resources

40 days after the domain expires recovery becomes expensive and is not guarenteed.

Describes the emails the domain registrar generates during renewals

Now some simple changes are considered to be a domain transfer.   A new and stupid requirement from ICANN.

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