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Why PayPal

HotDoodle uses PayPal for its payment processing.  We use PayPal because

  • They are well known and trusted
  • They have more payment expertise than we could offer ourselves
  • They have more payment options than we could offer ourselves
  • They keep your financial details private, never sharing these with HotDoodle
  • They enforce integrity in our charges.  We simply cannot take money from you without your having authorized it on a PayPal screen.
  • They keep your financial data secure.


Payment Integrity:
HotDoodle, via PayPal, supports automatic subscription payments.

  • This is not a "blank check" open athorization for us to charge anything we want. 
  • Instead, automatic subscription payments are where PayPal has your charge information and sends us $x every month, regardless of what charges you may have incurred.  It is a payment schedule, not an open ended draft.

This has some basic limits and safeguards

  1. We do not have your charge information
  2. We cannot just ask PayPal to send us more
  3. We cannot change the payment schedule

When changes need to be made, or when additional payments are needed, we send you to PayPal payment screens.

Financial Privacy:
You may notice that you never actually gave HotDoodle your credit card number or any payment information, instead all of this is given on PayPal screens to which you are sent.  Such financial details are purely between you and PayPal.  How you fund your payments, why payments fail, what is happening at your bank -- we firmly feel that these are "none of our business" and with PayPal we cannot get this information even if we tried. 

As far as information, PayPal lets us know when a payment has been made, or when a subscription failed, might be retried, or is cancelled, but that is it.  We do not know WHY there was a problem, we do not even know if the source of funding is a credit card, a bank account, or ???.  PayPal may be telling you, but they are not sharing this with us. All of that is confidential between you and PayPal.

Finncial Security:
We read nearly every week about some company that should have known better having its customer’s credit card information stolen. HotDoodle has never been hacked, but if we ever are – where there is no financial information here to steal, we simply never ever get it. PayPal has it, and they are highly motivated to be secure whereas the companies with stolen information in all cases were being careless with their customer’s finances.

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