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Billing and Payment Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why am I receiving a payment notice when I am on automatic payments?

If you are subscribed for automatic monthly payments on your website, but still receive an email notice that fees are due, one or more of the following may be occuring:

  • You may have had a domain registered with HotDoodle automatically renew and charge your account $15 to cover the cost of that renewal. Since this domain renewal fee is separate from the monthly hosting fee, the automatic payments aren't sufficitent to cover this expense.
  • Your automatic subscription payment may be delivering funds a few days after funds are due.

To diagnose the problem, login to your HotDoodle account and click on the 

Q: How do I make a one-time payment?

Click here to learn how to make a one-time payment


Q: How do I set up automatic payments?

You can set up automatic monthly payments to debit off a credit card. PayPal processes the payment, but you don't need to have a PayPal account, you can just sign up with any credit card.

Click here to learn how to set up automatic payments

Q: How do I update my credit card info?

There are two ways to update your credit card information for your automatic payment.

1. If you are using a credit card from your PayPal account, you need to login to PayPal and update the credit card information on file.

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Q: Why don't you just charge my credit card?

HotDoodle, via PayPal, supports automatic subscription payments.

  • These are not a case where HotDoodle has your charge information and just reaches out and takes what we think we are owed. 
  • Instead, automatic subscription payments are where PayPal has your charge information and sends us $x every month, regardless of what charges you may have incurred.  It is a payment schedule, not an open ended draft.

This has some basic limits and safeguards

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