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Spam Filtering

There are two spam filters available with HotDoodle hosted email

  1. Normal Spam Assassin -- HotDoodle comes with spam-assassin, the dominant and most common spam filter deployed on LINUX servers. 
  2. Enhanced third-party pre-filter -- an optional (and extra charge) third spam filter that operates before the email arrives on our servers

Third-party Pre-Filter

The third party filter (GFI) is applied by HotDoodle prior to the email even being processed with most of the spam being blocked before it even hits our email servers. Once it arrives it is handled just as your email has always been handled, including being processed by spam-assassin.  

Daily Digests
Each mailbox will receive digests listing the sender and subject line of all the email blocked as spam.   Should you see one that is not spam you click a link and that email gets delivered. Blocked spam is retained for 2 weeks and then purged.

No Changes on Your Side:
You do not have to make any changes in your email clients.   Similarly if you were to discontinue the pre-filtering there would be no changes needed on your side.

Pricing is per mailbox on a domain, and a domain might have some of its mailboxes filtered and some not.  
1-3 mailboxes: $10/month
4-8 mailboxes: $20/month
9-15 mailboxes: $30/month
Additional mailboxes: $10/month for every additional 5 (not prorated)
The price will be reflected as a increase in cost for the web hosting.
30 day free trial
The first 30 days is free.   This lets you evaluate if the third party filter is effective for you and worth the increased cost.
Results so Far

We have applied this filter to our own emails and seen a dramatic decrease in spam. 

Very little makes it through, and what makes it through seems clean enough to never be then filtered by Spam Assassin.   

We have seen only a few false-positives and these were all corporate newsletters that were semi-spammy.

Getting Started

To enable or disable the third-party spam filter write to  We will filter all mailboxes unless you state otherwise.   Should you add or remove mailboxes you will need to write again asking for the changes to be reflected in the spam filters.

If you cancel after the 30 day free trial you will have to pay for the current month; it will not be pro-rated.

If your domain is handled by our name servers we will be able to apply the filter automatically.   Otherwise you will be responsible for changing the 'MX' records of your domain. We can help with this but may charge a professional services fee. Google has a nice list of per-vender specific instructions here.


After the MX records are changed emails will start to flow through the new spam filter. However it may take a 2-3 days for the MX changes to propagate and all for email to use the new spam filter.  No emails are lost during this transition, they just do not benefit from the new filter.



The enhanced antispam filter is billed as part of your monthly hosting fees, but the fee is increased per the price schedule.

A miracle from the heavens!
1. My email accounts have been receiving in excess of 150 spam mails per day. These are my 2 main business email accounts that I could not simply divert or drop all together. 
I was seriously developing cramps in my thumb from editing and deleting 150++ emails off my smartphone daily!!
2. The same day you placed the spam filter onto my account I dropped from 150 spam emails down to less than 10. A miracle from the heavens!
3. I lost absolutely zero legitimate emails from this program.  The daily digest email that was sent to allow me to release any regular messages I needed contained maybe 2 that were mine. Awesome technology. 
4. The process was seamless and effortless. You guys made this like "spam assassin for dummies" it is the best. 
5. Recommend this to others? Absolutely.  I wish I could be an associate or investor to promote this on my website.
Quote whatever you like.  Well deserved :)

Thank you. 
Nick Mancuso
So much better! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, I'm emotional right now and may be missing my spam. Clearing them to junk has been a morning ritual for many months. I must say, I am sure I can use this time more productively though. I'm gonna be happy to see this improve daily.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Continued »
I had no trouble using it. Very positive impression

It was pretty annoying and it started about three months ago. I was getting 40 to 50 spam a day? Now I'm not getting any spam. I had no trouble using it and I'm very happy. I have not seen anything that I would've wanted to read in the filtered mail digest.

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