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Link to a pdf that is Viewable in the Browser

To create a link that takes visitors to a pdf viewable in the browser you will need to:

1. Add file storage in your website Store Room to upload your pdf to.
2. Open the pdf in the browser and copy the pdf url address.
3. Create a link using the pdf url as the link address.

Add File Storage

Steps: How to Add File Storage

1. On the HotDoodle Toolbar, click on the "Block" tab.

2. Click on the "Add Block" button.

3. On the webpage, click on the "Add Here" button where the Files/Videos Block wil display.

4. Click on "Files/Videos" Block.

5. Choose a Files/Videos Block view.

6. Click on the "Insert this block" button.

7. Set the properties for the Files/Videos Block.

  • Allow Pictures? – This option when checked, lists images files without displaying the image. This is an alternative to adding images in a picture album. 
  • Has Revisions? – This option when checked, allows revisions of a file with the same file name to be uploaded in place of the original.
  • Shows these Revisions? – This option when checked, displays all versions of files with the same name. If this option is unchecked, only the newest version of the file is displayed.
  • Video Dimensions – In the case of video files, this setting allows specification of a height and width. Uploaded videos will be converted to these dimensions. 
  • Open in New Window? – This option when checked, opens the file in a new window. If this option is unchecked, the file opens in the existing browser window.
  • Show Description? – This option when checked, shows a description of the file in addition to the file name. If this option is unchecked, no description appears with the file name.
  • Do not Show Icons? – This option when checked, does not show the standard file type icons. If this option is unchecked, the standard file type icons appear to the left of the file name.

8. Click on the "Save" button.

9. Click on the "Upload File" link.

10. Type a name for the file.

11. Click on the "Browse" button.

12. In the pop up window, navigate through the hard drive and click on the file to upload.

13. Click on the "Open" button.

14. Type a description for the file.

15. Click on the "Save" button.

Open the pdf and Copy the URL

Once the pdf is uploaded to the Files/Videos block,

Steps: How to open an Upload PDF and Copy the URL

1. Click on the name of the pdf you want to link to open it in the browser.

2. Copy the whole pdf url from the top of the browser.
This URL will be pasted in the "Link URL" field when the text link is created.



Add a Link to an External Website

To create a link to a source outside of the website(external website), copy the URL to the outside website.

Steps: How to Add a Link to an External Website

1. While editing the block, click and drag the cursor over to highlight the area of text that will serve as the link.

2. Click on the "Insert Link" icon (small chain). The Insert Link window appears.

3.Type or paste the URL to link to a specific internet address (Example:

4. Select an option from the drop-down menu to set how the linked page will display (existing window, new window, etc). Type a title to the link (optional). The title will appear as a pop up hint when the cursor hovers over the link.

5. Click on the "Insert" button.

6. The editor will display the new link in a different color or style to coordinate with the theme of the website.

7. Click on the "Save" button.

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