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Add Pictures with Picture Albums

A picture album is a specialized block type within HotDoodle that gives you a way to display multiple photos or images on your website. Photos can be viewed full-sized or in a slide show.

Steps: Adding a Picture Album to Your Website

1. On the HotDoodle Toolbar, click on "Block."

2. Click on the "Add Block" button.

3. On the webpage, click on the "Add Here" button where you would like to add the Picture Album.

4. Click on "Picture Albums" button.

5. Choose the Picture Album view by clicking on it.

6. Click the "Insert this block" button. The configure album properties window appears.

7. Type a name and description for the picture album (optional).

8. Type the number of pictures per row, rows per page and cover settings.

9. Type the height and width to display each picture.

10. Use the checkboxes to indicate whether each picture should display a name and description.
The description appears above the image and the name display below the image as a link. When the image or the name link is clicked, the picture will open in a new slideshow window. Use the arrows to cycle through all the images in the album. 

11. Click on the "Save" button. The edit album window appears.

12. Click on the "Add pictures" icon.

13. Click on the first "Choose File" button.

14. In the pop up window, navigate to the image file on your hard drive and select it.

15. Click the "Open" button to upload the image file. Repeat steps 13-15 for each available Choose File button.

16. Click the "Save Pictures to Album" button.

17. The next screen shows you the images in the album available for editing. To edit individual images, click the "Edit" button below each image.

18. Enter changes to the picture properties in the available fields.

19. To view Advanced options, click the "Advanced Options" button.

20. Enter a URL to turn the picture into a link.

21. Click the "Save" button.

22. Click the "Return to Main Page" button when you are finished.

Picture Album Properties and Advanced Options

Steps: Editing Album Properties and Advanced Options

1. Click on the "Edit album and pics" link above the album.

2. Click "Config Album Properties."

3. Make any edits and changes to the Album.

4. Click the "Advanced Options" button to reveal the advanced option settings.

5. Choose the Edit Controls setting.

6. Choose settings for use of picutes when editing text.

7. Click the "Save" button.

Advanced Options

Edit Controls Settings:

Hidden - Check this box if you want your Picture Album to be invisible to visitors viewing your web site. While this album is always visible to you (and to others with edit permissions). This feature is good for albums that hold pictures you use elsewhere in the site but do not want to show as an album. This feature is also useful if you need to take your album offline to edit or update.

Include a Replace Button - If this options is set, you will be able to delete all of the pictures in the album at once instead of one by one. This feature is useful when the pictures you are creating are meant to be deleted and replaced by another user. (i.e. for albums used in member pages to encourage the member to replace them with their own pictures.)

Show Add pic on main page - If set, the add pictures link will show on the main page of the gallery before the gallery is viewed or edited.

Using these Pictures when Editing Text Settings:

Editors can insert the thumbnails - Check this box to allow this picture album's thumbnails to be inserted in text editors.

Editors can insert the full sized pictures - Check this box to allow this picture album's full size pictures to be inserted in text editors.

Editors list this as a quick album - Check this box to show this album in the "quick albums" page that is easily accessed while editing. Most albums are intended to be seen, to organize and show their set of pictures to visitors. Some albums, however, are just holding pictures that will be shown in text boxes placed elsewhere. If these albums are marked as quick albums and allow uploads then the album is easily found when editing and the editor can directly upload from hard drives into the album.

Editors can upload to this album - Check this box to allow editors to directly upload into this album from your hard drive.


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