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Generated Sites are not Interchangable

HotDoodle websites are created on a proprietary platform that cannot be directly transferred to other platforms.   It is not just HotDoodle, most website builders are this way, you cannot, for example, move between Wix, Weebly, Wordpress, and Joombla.  There simply is not a technical standard, official or otherwise, that operates between website builders and anytime a website is moved it needs to be recreated on the new platform.
What can be transferred is all the copy and artwork of your website. You do this by logging in to your website and downloading from or copy and pasting from your website and then given to a new company or designer to recreate your website. Note that often the background art for your website is in your website Store Room.

FTP Access

There is no FTP access to your HotDoodle site -- mainly because there is nothing to be accessed.

FTP access generally applies to hand crafted custom HTML where somebody rewrites something by hand and drops it onto a server.
In contrast, HotDoodle sites are automatically generated with each view.
For example, the ENTIRE contents of the index.php file that shows all of a site's pages is:

// Generated 10/22/12 16:52:50
define('MAINBASE', '/var/www/html/yoursitename/');

As you can see, even if FTP access were given, there is not much to edit.  
The way to change your site, including incorporting mobile friendly features, is through logging in and using the HotDoodle interface.   The special cases block allows most scripts.

Beware the Self-Serving Consultant
Consultants are infamous for arguing that the bet tool for you is [  whatever it is that they happen to know ]
Rarely will a consultant say that what is best is that you need to hire a different consultant because they are unfamiliar with what you are using.   A wordpress consultant will argue that you should be on wordpress, a wix consultant will argue for wix, a drupal one for drupal, etc – but they do not say it is because they are a wordpress consultant, they say it is somehow in your best interest to ... conform to their skillset.
If a consultant is pushing what they happen to be most familiar with, then it is time to find a better consultant.

Beware the CPU + Network Farms

 There are many hosting companies that sell you CPU, storage, and network access, and then demand that you become a Linux administrator (using their "simple" control panel, no doubt).  It is possible, sometimes, to get a site going with this approach, but it is much harder to keep it running. 

Just deploying a working site is not enough, you need to keep it patched and de-hacked.  Hacks and component changes do happen, and they happen frequently.    You can go for the cheapest hosting, but you need to know:

  • Who will detect hackers?
  • Who will patch the site's core engine.
  • Who will path the components the engine uses (such as Apache, Mysql)
  • Who will patch any themes or add-ons?
  • Who will patch the site's customizations?


 If, for example, you had a wordpress site you should ask yourself these basic questions:

That is just wordpress. You also have to worry about security breaches in linux, apache, php, dns, ssh, etc.    I presume that you do know who will be responsible for identifying and fixing these, or paying for these to be fixed. The below, for example, were MUST FIX NOW vulnerabilities discovered within the last year.



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