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View Traffic Logs

1. From the HotDoodle Toolbar, click on the "Administration" tab.

 2. Click on the "Site Logs" button. The session log screen appears in a new window or tab.

3. Use the links at the top of the page to view the specific types of data. (Note: Some of these items must be enabled in order to produce results.)

  • IP Access - This log summarizes all access from a given machine (IP Address) shown on the first day of activity. This format is best for analyzing individual user activity.
  • Sessions - This log shows one entry per browser session. It offers an overview of multiple visitors. 
  • Campaigns - This log works with Google's Campaign feature and shows related data. 
  • Conversions - This log works with Google's Adwords feature and shows a list of the users who completed the target action. 
  • Searches - This log lists referring site information. 
  • Access - This log shows activities from all sessions and has the most detail of any log. 
  • Changes - This log shows all site changes, such page edits and additions. 
  • Logins - This log shows all user logins. 
  • Cookies - This log shows all cookies that have been passed between the site and users. 
  • Archives - This link provides access to logs from previous months.


4. Use the text boxes and/or radio buttons to view only logs from certain keywords (i.e. “landscaping”) or referrer locations (i.e. “Google”.

5. Click the Submit button.

Note: Columns in the Log

  • Trace - Click this to see all that this visitor did. You will be taken in another window to the Access Log filtered for this IP address.
  • Landing Page - Shows the first page visited. Also shows all of the logins this visitor might have used.
  • Hits - Shows a count of the hits (page browses) and sessions (one per browsing).
  • Conversions - Shows conversions (special events) on the site. Some conversions such as user registration are built in, some are set by clicking "Track in HotDoodle" on a page's advanced edit properties. If a conversion is a blue link, then clicking on it will show the activities that happened during that conversion.
  • Search Terms - Shows the search term used to get to the first landing page. Is not always available. Also shows which page the search hit appeared on and if the landing was from a Google adwords campaign. Click on the search terms to run the search yourself -- but note that search placement is always changing.
  • Raw Search/Came From URL - Shows the URL of the previous site, if available.

The Operations

The operation field in many of the logs indicate what it was that caused the log entry. Common values are:

  • Browse -- The normal display of a web page
  • Action -- Some more than normal browsing action such as opening articles or filling in forms
  • Delta -- A change in the site
  • Error -- Rare,a problem with the site or code
  • User Error -- An error resulting from site config r user choices, such as tryign to browse into a page that has permissions that deny access
  • Crawl -- The display of a page that is normally seen only by search engines and web walkers
  • Index -- Display of a page by somebody we recognize as a major search engine reading the site to include in its indexes.
  • PayPal -- An interaction with PayPal
  • Conversion -- An occurance of one of the special events or pages marked to be tracked as conversions. Conversions are also summarized in IP Access logs also.
  • Trace -- Additional data related to a current operation.
  • Login -- Related to login attempts
  • Cookie -- Reporting contents of user HotDoodle cookies
  • Hack -- the activity seems to be from a hacker. Don't worry, we stopped them.
  • Billing -- Site billing
  • xHost -- Cross host access
  • Noop -- The setting of some viewing preference such as the current month

The Filters

The commonly available result filters are as follows:

String Filters:  ff

  • Anywhere
  • Section #
  • User
  • Ip
  • Operation

Checkbox Filters:

  • Search Engines -- activity was from somewhere we recognize as a major search engine
  • Has 'Came From' -- The presence of the optional field browsers submit telling where they were before
  • Logged in -- The user has logged into the site
  • Web Walkers -- the activity is from somewhere we suspect is a web walker. This can be search engines, hackers, or other internet researches of uncertain motive.
  • Self Referrals -- when the site follows a link to itself
  • Internal Traffic -- the activity seems to have been initiated by a HotDoodle server
  • Google Campaigns -- Came from a google campaign -- the special arguments Google gives to campaign links is present
  • Browses -- The operation is 'Browse'

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