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Customize Website Theme

The theme of the website sets the style of the website including colors, font families, font sizes, widths and heights, borders, the look and feel of the navigational elements including page menus and background colors/images on the website.

Themes can be modified in the following ways:

  1. Select a Different Theme -- Themes can be changed in a website much like switching the faceplate on a cell phone, it does not affect the content, only the presentation, and it can be reversed at any time except with custom themes. See: Select a Different Theme
  2. Adjust the Current Theme -- Backgrounds, colors, and column widths can be adjusted via overrides from the Appearance / Change Background screen. See: Adjust the Current Theme
  3. Create a Custom Theme -- More advanced changes may be made by creating a custom theme from the existing theme. Doing this, however, requires knowledge of CSS. See: Create a Custom Theme

Select a Different Theme

HotDoodle has a variety of themes to choose from. Please browse the theme library and select a theme of choice to utilize when building the website. The following instructions explain how to preview and select a different theme.

Steps: How to Select a Different Theme

1. From the HotDoodle Toolbar click on the "Appearance" tab.

2. Click on the "Select Theme" button. 

The Select Theme page appears with the current theme bordered in red.

3. Click on the thumbnail image of any theme to preview the website in that theme.


At this point it is only a preview of the theme -- only a logged in site owner can see this theme, all visitors see the original theme. It is not until "Save Theme" is clicked on that theme changes are applied to the website.

4. Optional: Use the "Previous Theme" or "Next Theme" buttons to preview the website in other themes.

5. Click the "Save Theme" button to apply a theme to the website or click the "Cancel Preview" button to go back to the current theme without saving.

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